If you’d wish to return an item to studionafay.com, please follow the instructions below within 30 days of delivery. Safely pack the things within the primary packaging that came with the merchandise All Products must be returned in fitness. If the item received is broken then please contact our Customer Service.

Accepts Returns After Shipment:
-Up To 30 Days

How can customers return your product:
-By Mail.

How will customers get the return label:
-In the box(For Damaged Product)
-customers responsibility (For Customers Remorse)

How many days do customers have to return a product after application:
-30 days.

Product Condition (For Return):

What is the restocking fee:
-No restocking fee

Return Reason & fees
-No Cost(Defective)
-No Cost(Remorse)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us…

Customer Support 24/7
Email: support@studionafay.com
Phone: ‪+1 (517) 235-5253
WhatsApp: ‪+1 (575) 686-2340